• correct
    predictions ratio: 56.87%
  • ROI: 31.82%
  • max. odds: 8
  • ave. odds: 2.69
  • total: 10647
over 30 days
  • correct
    predictions ratio: 73.33%
  • ROI: 122.67%
  • max. odds: 8
  • ave. odds: 2.83
  • total: 15
30 days income
  • funds to bet: 10000 $
  • bet: 1000 $
  • outcome: 28400 $


One people go to the hated work daily, others - wish to open their own business, and others - make their bets. They earn consistently, earn well, and most importantly – they earn without much effort. Pass by if you are satisfied with your income. But if you dream of a lucrative business and you want to get into the third category of people who have high earnings with little effort, this portal is for you.

We are the sports guru team, which turned sports betting into a profitable business. If you previously chose a favorite, guided by the stars and their inner voice, with the help of our site you will become an expert in the sports world. You will forget what are the failures and mistakes, you will not know the bitter taste of defeat and a bad feeling from the loss of savings. You get used to win.

prediction on football

Among the players making bets, losing 90%. About 7% of the players win sometimes and in the future will be in the red still. Only 3% of the total number of sweepstakes visitors win consistently. We are among them. Forgetting about the financial problems, we desired to gain fame. In addition, why not increase your profits by publishing forecasts? If you are tired of losing in the sweepstakes, we are on the way with you.

What do we offer?

We're not psychics and fortune tellers. We do not consult with football experts. We are the experts. Our team lives football. We analyze every match carefully. We take into account the changes in the team, watching the coaching staff, do not miss any wound and get information from reputable foreign sources. We do not miss any of the football gossip and any interviews. We are deep immersed in the world of sports, and this immersion is very profitable for us. We have no other occupation and work, all our thoughts belong to football.

What are we doing:

  1. Give bets on single matches, in which 100% sure. If someone from our team has doubts about the result, we do not run the risk to make a prediction.
  2. We follow our advice, earning with you.
  3. We ensure that your data remain confidential, to classified information does not hit in the media.
  4. We publish accurate forecasts with an enviable constancy.

Our forecasts are not discussed, are not commented and are not disputed. The user has only two options to bet on the basis of information received or not.

How to start winning on bets?

To gain access to the closed part of the site, where forecasts are published on a regular basis, you must do two things:
- Register
- Make a payment convenient way.

Done! Time to start earning!

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