• correct
    predictions ratio: 59.45%
  • ROI: 35.72%
  • max. odds: 35
  • ave. odds: 2.63
  • total: 8481
over 30 days
  • correct
    predictions ratio: 41.54%
  • ROI: 23.04%
  • max. odds: 20
  • ave. odds: 3.21
  • total: 130
30 days income
  • funds to bet: 10000 $
  • bet: 1000 $
  • outcome: 39950 $


Football fans with VIP-status for our website are the members of sports fan private club who have learned to earn their hobby. Of course, this membership is impossible without financial investments. We post on the website a real valuable information. The information that brings considerable profit. And we are ready to share it for a small fee.

Every day we publish predictions for matches, we are willing to vouch for their accuracy. We don’t try to cover all football events. We carefully check the data, weigh the risks and only then provide details about the outcome of a football match. The VIP users can see predictions that we make bets. Our system works. Our predictions are coming true. Our clients earn!

Why does the closed part of the site fee required?

Counter-question: Would you trust the predictions, posted in the public domain? Every visitor can see that predictions. No, you would have thought that the creators of the site are typical charlatans who decided to earn on the network traffic.  We appreciate our time spent on the information prepare, and we know that our predictions really come true. So why should we share invaluable knowledge for free?

Payment algorithm.

To stop being a fan, losing betting half the salary and become a football expert, you must do several actions:

1. Register online by entering your current email. During registration the user doesn’t need to leave contact details and confirm the phone number. No obligations. Only bets. Only profits.

2. Select the period of access to the closed part of the portal, where predictions are published daily. Regular visitors to our website make payments for a maximum period, but if you are a beginner - make the minimum payment. You will again come back to us, feeling the taste of easy money.

3. Go to website and choose the most convenient way to transfer money. You don’t need to search for a terminal or, even worse, go to the bank office. You can make a payment online, and it takes you less than 5 minutes. There are lots of way of transaction: Webmoney, the Kiwi purse, Euroset, Beeline, MTS and Megafon mobile network operators, or use one of the major banks.

4. Enjoy visitor features with VIP status. As soon as payment goes, your account will receive access to all sections of the website automatically.

What are the benefits of the VIP-account?

There is only one benefit - the ability to view all the published predictions. To know the outcome of the match beforehand. Make a bet with the thought that you’ll come back here for the win next time.

Do not hesitate - it's worth it!


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