• correct predictions ratio : 56.75%
  • ROI : 32.84%
  • max. odds: 35
  • ave. odds: 2.74
  • total : 10859
over 30 days
  • correct predictions ratio : 33.33%
  • ROI : -17.49%
  • max. odds: 2.8
  • ave. odds: 0.83
  • total : 12
30 days income
  • funds to bet: 10000 $
  • bet : 1000 $
  • outcome: 0 $



This website is intended for people who are fond of football and making bets on the results of football matches.

Matches publication.

We publish all the predictions statistics, both good and bad. It is very important to obtain not only operational, but also real information on the results of football matches, for people making bets.

Results of the ended matches fall in Statistics within day. We have set up the program such way that any erroneous information on the ended matches the program corrected automatically. There are lots of reasons for such errors, but the main thing is that the sport predictions relied on accurate information.

ставки на футбол

In the "Predictions" published periodically to view one or more games in free mode. This feature is designed for all users, who cannot get a paid page, but interest in our website. The results of other matches can be found in the Statistics.

The site administration in some cases, gives permission to publish some (or all) matches during their broadcast, but before the end, when there is no accurate information on the final outcome of the game.

This measure is intended to demonstrate our professionalism and openness to the website visitors. We recommend to all fans of sports often visit our website under "Predictions", watching games, analyzing and joining the VIP.

We will help beginners take the first steps in the playing career and not lose and get a stable profit. Our site is the best confirmation of the correctness you have made bets.

We wish you good luck!